Friday, 2 September 2011

Exclusive material from unreleased and abandoned Twilight novel - 'Midday'

I went to school that morning and knew that something wasn't right.  Initially, I was going to wear my black jeans and striped grey and navy top with a dark grey cardigan, but something inside me told me that I should wear my dark grey jeans and striped black and navy top instead, so I did.  When I got into the classroom I sat down at my desk as usual, but still I felt that there was something I needed to address.  I surveyed the classroom; it was full of chairs and desks, and bookshelves that had books in them, and windows that showed the outside in comparison to inside, where I was situated.
I suddenly had the urge to spin round dramatically, and when I did I saw Edward staring at me.
"I think you're beautiful, Bella."
"Good morning to you, too." I smiled, blushing.  I tried to think of something complimentary to say to him, seeing as he was always saying such flattering things to me, which was sweet but also kind of creepy - but I'd never tell him that, because he'd probably stop saying things like that and lose interest in me.  "Er....congratulations on that C+ in your essay, that's really good."
"I'm not proud of it.  A C+ is average, and I never want to be average, Bella.  I want to be brilliant, I want to brilliant with you."
Lindsey, who sits at the desk next to Edward, rolled her eyes when she overheard him say that, but I thought it was beautiful - I mean, here's this brilliant, brooding, murderous guy who is interested in me, and says the nicest things, plus Lindsey's a stuck-up cow anyway and she's probably jealous.
"I...I just don't know, Edward.  I mean, you shower me with all this affection and you can sometimes be kind of a dick, which for some reason makes me more attracted to you, but there's this other guy who's half-dog and he's been cracking onto me too.  He's really nice to me and our families go way back, plus he's got abs you could grate cheese on.  I'm so confused, and I've got a feeling my confusion is going to cause you both to compete for me on dangerous levels, and despite me giving you both the run-around you'll probably keep coming back for more.  I should just pick so that one of you can go and get on with your lives, but I just can't pick.  I can't do it, Eddie."
"I've told you, I don't like it when you call me Eddie."
"I know, I know, and even when I call you Eddie I'm thinking 'I know he hates this' but I do it anyway.  I'm so confused and awkward, Ed."
"Don't call me Ed, either." Ed had that look in his eye, the one that said 'If I didn't love you, I'd tear your throat out and walk away while you die'.  I could see his hands ball up into a fist, and I think it's a bit sexy when he gets all angry and moody.  It's good to pursue men like that, because if you can change them then it means that they really love you.
"Sowwwwy," I said, fluttering my eyelashes and looking up at Edward - except that we're more or less the same height when we're sitting down, so I had to kind of lean my head forward and then look up through my hair.  "Can we be fwwwwends?"
Edward didn't smile, but I knew he wanted to.  For a moment, I thought I saw his eyes do that weird red vampire thing, but I knew that couldn't be true because he only gets that look when he gets his bloodlust, and he couldn't get bloodlust around me because he's so infatuated with me.
"Come ooooon Edward"  I figured that using his name the way he likes might make him smile.  But still nothing.  He didn't even glisten - I still haven't figured out how that works even those he's explained it about 50 times.  Then I had a genius idea.
"How about this then?"  I whispered, and leaned forward.  I pulled the neckline of my top down and squashed my boobs together, and then made the V-sign and stuck my tongue between my fingers.  Boys love it when girls do that, because it shows they're game.  I thought to myself, "I'm well in, here."
I thought he was laughing, but it was actual more of a growl.  The way he leapt across his desk and pinned me to the ground reminded me of the time he showed me how high he could jump, and I remember thinking that even though he was super hot and totally wanted me, it was kind of a smug thing to show someone who's just hurt their knee because they're shit at netball.
I thought he'd leapt on me because he was feeling a bit randy after seeing my squashed cleavage, but I soon realised after the fourth or fifth swipe he made at my throat that he might be actually be a bit annoyed.
"Eddie, stop it, that hurts." I said.  I didn't scream it though, because I'm not overly keen on emotional outbursts.  This just made him angrier, and he continued to slash at my throat and head.  As I lay there, being torn apart like a love-letter by a jilted teen, I couldn't help but wonder whether Eddie was not as nice as I had initially thought.  But I was still so confused, even when Jacob came in and rescued me from what was almost a fatal attack and spent six weeks nursing me back to health because my family couldn't afford the medical insurance - is he the right one for me, or am I destined by the stars to be with Edward?  That is, when he completes his 6 year jail sentence for attempted murder.  I just don't know.  I still just don't know.

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