Sunday, 1 July 2012

Fifty Shames of Grey: Three More Shades More Grey - This Time it’s Greyer-er

1. When Grandmama caught us at it in the bath
2. When I split my head open while we did it on the path
3. When I broke both my wrists wriggling out of my handcuffs
4. When he got in a strop because I'd had enough
5. When Christian whipped me and I cried like a bitch
6. When it turned out it wasn’t just any old itch
7. When he got a new butler who tried to join in
8. When the reverend caught us and yelled “It’s a sin!”
9. When I thought I was pregnant and Christian dumped me
10. When I found out I wasn’t and in triumph, he thumped me
11. When he told me the safe word and I couldn’t pronounce it
12. When he found out I was Jewish and made me renounce it
13. When I washed all his ‘toys’ and some ended up rusty
14. When he used them regardless, merely saying “Just trust me”
15. When I found a girl’s phone number in his desk drawer
16. When I realised it was for a phone I didn’t use anymore
17. When he spanked me with a paddle and then with an oar
18. When I lied to my doctor about why I was sore
19. When I went to the shops still wearing my leash
20. When he rode me like a dolphin that time at the beach
21. When I was so tired from sex that I slept during class
22. When I got his hand print tattooed onto my ass
23. When we went to a party and he started to sing
24. When we went past a jewelers and I looked at a ring
25. When my carpet burn turned into a big pus-filled scab
26. When he called me a fatty and pinched at my flab
27. When I fell from the harness and broke both my legs
28. When he held me down hard and forced me to beg
29. When I got badly sunburned and he slapped my red bits
30. When he made me get implants because he hates my tits
31. When I told him it hurt, and he simply laughed
32. When he whipped me so hard I needed a skin graft
33. When we went for a walk and got lost in the dark
34. When we got caught that time we did it in the park
35. When my hair caught on fire and I ended up bald
36. When the wig Christian bought me made me look old
37. When my college work suffered and he didn’t care
38. When he said he preferred me when I had my own hair
39. When he suddenly got lice and blamed it on me
40. When I said I was bald, so how could that be?
41. When his friend called me names and he didn’t defend me
42. When I got a backache because I’m just not that bendy
43. When I went for a run and he thought I’d escaped
44. When I found out that all of our ‘sessions’ were taped
45. When he tied me too tight and I started to cry
46. When my eyes filled with tears and he didn’t ask why
47. When he cringed at my touch when I reached for his hand
48. When he wiped out the heart that I drew in the sand
49. When I told him I loved him and got no reply
50. When I left in the night without saying goodbye.

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  1. love this post! read it to my mum, she said it was great (although she's never read it, but now she wants to borrow my copy) dirty biatch